It Is Up To Michigan Voters To Decide On Recreational Marijuana Legalization

After failing to marshal enough support to sail the recreational marijuana bill through in legislators, legislators have left it to the voters. Come November, constituents of Michigan will decide whether to allow marijuana recreational news in the state.


Even though senate Republicans supported the bill, their numbers aren’t enough to keep recreational marijuana off the ballot on November 6th. House Speaker, Tom Leonard, confirmed that support in the chamber for recreational marijuana use was lacking.


Signatures By The Coalition To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol


With overwhelming signatures to compel the recreational marijuana issue presence in the ballot, this coalition was considerate enough to accord the legislators a chance. The legislature, however, failed to agree on passing the issues directly as proposed.


Josh Hovey, the coalition’s spokesperson, is confident that voters in Michigan comprehend how devastating the ban on recreational marijuana use has been. Regulating and taxing offers a better, lasting solution.


Options Lawmakers Had On Recreational Marijuana Use In Michigan


First off, lawmakers had the choice of passing the cannabis legalization bill and amend at a later date. Alternatively, they were at liberty to propose their own competing agendas for this ballot, a step they failed to take.


Lastly, and they option they went with, they could leave the matter at the hands of voters. Their inaction inevitably resulted in the turn of things, an outcome most voters welcome.


What Happens When Voters Approve Recreational Marijuana?


If legalization sails through, it will become inherently tough for lawmakers to amend the proposals. Without a super majority of three-quarters of either houses, the specifications guiding the law will remain as they are.


White Lake Republican Senator, Mike Kowall, already foresees a wild-west scenario, albeit acknowledging that control is possible.


In a matter of months, Michigan could become the 9th state to accept recreational marijuana use. In turn, the economy will receive a major boost, with the marijuana market expected to surpass $700 million annually.


If trends in other states where marijuana is legalized are anything to go by, it won’t be long before this becomes a billion dollar market.


Why Republicans Are Wary Of This Vote


Traditionally, a high voter turnout in Michigan favors the Democrats. Marijuana legalization is certainly a hot topic which will get people out to vote. GOP lawmakers were adamant of changing regulations to match those of medical marijuana.


A blue wave will certainly jeopardize GOP efforts, translating to even more wins for the recreational marijuana campaign. The licensing board is politically appointed, meaning that it’s mandate will be set by the party with majority seats at all levels of state government.


The Ballot Proposal In Context


When this proposal sails through, it will be legal to possess and even sell cannabis measuring up to 2.5 ounces. The persons must be above 21 years of age. For home use, one can stock up to 10 ounces without facing any legal implications.


For sales, the state will rake in 6 percent; this is in addition to the 10% excise tax imposition. Certain programs such as roads, communities, and K-12 education will receive substantial funding from the tax proceeds.


Safe testing and testing are among the prime mandatory requirements for all those in the business.


Giving this recreational marijuana use decision to voter has been lauded as the best way forward. Michigan is set for exciting times ahead!