Polk County Is About To Open Its First Marijuana Dispensary

Floridians are marveling at the thought of soon being able to obtain cannabis products from an authorized marijuana dispensary. Having seen the plight of people of his hometown, a CEO of Curaleaf (one of the authorized companies) is eager to provide solutions. There are certainly many maladies which can best be addressed through marijuana medication, prescribed Mr. Jones.


This dispensary, set to be located in the Market Strip Mall, will be open by mid-July. Curaleaf is committed to providing medical marijuana products to all registered patients in need across Florida. Jones is using his connections in Lakeland to scout for even more locations to set up shop.


3 Main Medical Marijuana Industrial Elements


Once this marijuana dispensary is opened, it will complement the production facility and multiple marijuana clinics strewn across the state. Since 2014, Floridians Have been using marijuana legally to manage conditions like cancer, ALS, and Epilepsy. With lower THC intake, these medications do not get patients high.


Two years after legalization, Floridian voters voted in huge numbers in support of Amendment 2, broadening this program’s scope statewide. Currently, 13 companies have been awarded licenses for the controlled manufacture of marijuana-based palliatives. There are well over 2 dozed marijuana dispensaries in various state locations.


Rapid Expansion of Marijuana Dispensary Outlets


Curaleaf has previously been associated with the first five companies to acquire licenses, with its headquarters based in Miami. The parent company is known as Palia Tech from Massachusetts. From its initial location, Curaleaf then branched out to St. Petersburg, Lake Worth, and Fort Myers.


By the year’s end, C.E.O Jones plans to have 22 outlets up and running. On a much broader scale, Curaleaf consistently delivers medical marijuana to needy patients in 30 counties. To make good of their commitment in, Curaleaf hires dispensary managers 3 months before opening. 24-hour security will be provided to the new location.


Before taking up their roles, all managers and staff are personally interviewed by Jones before settling in their new roles. Monthly classes are then conducted, just to make sure patients receive the best services.


Currently, producers of medical marijuana in Florida cannot sell smokable or edible products. To keep abreast of what is happening across the marijuana dispensary industry, this company sends representatives to senior health conferences and senior centers. All is not lost however, seeing as a Circuit Judge deemed the ban against smoking marijuana unconstitutional.


Medications Not For ‘Stoners’


Jones is categorical in stating that stoners will not find anything of interest on their shelves, noting the low THC levels. All the cannabis medications are strictly for people with quite severe conditions through their preferred marijuana dispensary outlet. Lakeland’s Planning Manager was instrumental in helping Curaleaf select the best-possible location.


All the same, the city is open to do business with other marijuana production companies and and not solely Curaleaf. With every community having members who are suffering from different conditions, the setting up of more dispensaries is the way to go. Soon enough, Polk County will be posting some good results in regard to opioid use.


We hope to see even more marijuana dispensary locations coming up and offering unmatched services across the country. Keep in touch for the latest updates, and feel free to share with friends; sharing is caring!