Illinois Schools Set To Allow Medical Marijuana Access Through Proposed Law

Definitely a controversial topic in the recent past, the morality issue behind allowing children to take in medical marijuana has resurfaced in Illinois. A sixth-grader has been at the center of it all since last year, with concerns being raised about carrying the medication to school grounds.


As a result of the sixth-grader’s parents’ effort, a court allowed this but seemingly, the war was far from on. In a happy turn of events, this week’s legislation makes it possible for all children in Illinois to carry their marijuana medication to school.


How The Surins Case Played Out


At the tender age of two, Ashley Hurin was diagnosed with leukemia. Even with her condition in remission, the side effects precipitated by chemotherapy left her in pain. Were it not for her medical marijuana, she would certainly experience intense seizures each day. Methotrexate is responsible for causing neurological damage during chemotherapy.


Her parents can’t be thankful enough for this medication, given her rapid improvement and general well being. Besides the CBD oil, she also uses a prescribed transdermal patch with virtually not traces of THC. The patch has no psychoactive cannabinoid which would make her get ‘high’.


Ashley’s success story has stopped her from relying on other prescriptions she was on for 8 years. In the landmark case, her parents argued that she was being discriminated against under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act. She eventually became a legal exception at Hanover Park School.


State-Wide Legislation


Lawmakers in Illinois took this as an opportunity and ultimately proposed the Bill HB4870. It was aimed at altering the School Code to accommodate students who needed to have their marijuana medication with them at all times. While there are a few caveats coming with the legislation, it ensures that the child’s needs are prioritized.


Each child under this program should be duly registered as per the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act. For their own safety and health, they are not allowed to take any forms of smokable medicine. The range of non-smokable medication include CBD oil, transdermal patches, and edibles.


Relieved Parents


Ashley’s dad is ecstatic about the proposed law, noting that it will help many more children with a condition like her daughter’s. As long as the use of medication is regulated as prescribed by the doctor, having marijuana in school grounds is soon coming to pass.


Both the Senate and House have accented to the Bill, leaving it in the hands of Governor Bruce for signing into law. If the strong support coming from both sides of the political aisle is anything to go by, this can only end in a new law designed to give children with certain conditions a chance to live a happy, normal life while attending school.


This law will set a precedent in the State of Illinois, encouraging the better management of certain medical conditions. The healing power in Marijuana is unfathomed, with researchers discovering new uses at every turn.


It is certainly in good stead and the law is expected to change many more things including marijuana awareness.