The Immediate Former A.G., Eric Holder’s View on Reclassification of Marijuana

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According to the former Attorney General Eric Holder, there is no reason to believe that addiction will result from the reclassification of marijuana. He has reviewed scientific facts, concluding that there is no evidence of addiction being a societal concern. Holder’s interview with NY1 comes at a time when marijuana is currently classified in the  Schedule 1 drug status nationwide.


Marijuana’s classification has it defined as a potentially addictive drug with no medicinal value, a totally unfounded analysis. If the recent studies are anything to go by, cannabis should at least be given a schedule III tag, reserved for those drugs with low to moderate psychological and physical dependence.


Holder’s Efforts Towards Reclassification of Marijuana


While in office, the former A.G. shied away from actively lobbying for the reclassification debate. Towards the end of his term, however, he seemingly made up for this by endorsing this change. With only a few months out of office, he became vocal about his thoughts, giving marijuana a much needed boost.


He now acknowledges that as long as marijuana is classified alongside hard drugs like heroin, there won’t be adequate funding and research. This inappropriate action continually denies needy patients benefits they would otherwise be enjoying through medical cannabis relief.


The Supreme Court’s and Congress’ Take


Either by design or fault, A.G. Eric remained mostly neutral whenever the recategorization topic arose. When asked to comment on this issue, the buck was continually passed to Congress.


The Justice Department under his purview did, all the same, work on the Cole Memo. Thanks to this, individual states were at liberty to implement their preferred cannabis laws.


Current A.G. Rescinds the Memo


The efforts to make marijuana freely accessible are increasingly being met by challenges at every turn. Soon after being appointed, the current A.G., Jeff Sessions, saw it fit to rescind the Cole Memo. Holder will hear none of it, insisting in his latest interview that states should have absolute say regarding this and other laws.


Research is the best way to go about this, since laboratories are best placed to advise whether the states should experiment with marijuana reclassification. Ultimately, the debate is likely to end up in a national consensus on the legality and use of cannabis, both medicinal and recreational.


An Unfair Cannabis Criminalization Enforcement


Quite a man of his own mettle, Eric Holder is categorical in noting that marijuana laws across the states are enforced with a huge racial disparity. Statistically, there are four to five times more latino and black arrests as compared to whites. Yet, as the former A.G. acknowledges, the use of marijuana is uniform across the board.


This extremely troubling notion has to be reviewed going forward if justice is to be served equally. The war is not lost though; the congressional committee has been fighting to protect medical cannabis from Jeff Session whose intents are not appealing. For now, patients can rest easy knowing that they will not be prosecuted by the Federal government, as long as they follow state laws.


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